This site can’t be reached - ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED


I worked on the new website in LocalWP. However, when I migrated the database and installed WordPress and set site in live mode, it showed me “This site can’t be reached”

The hosting provider was contacted, they checked the IP address and it was not blocked on their side. I also tried deactivating the antivirus and firewall. It also couldn’t be done from another browser. I also deactivated all plugins. Nothing. I read dozens of articles on this topic and could not do anything. I also tried with 2 different ISPs. It reports the same error.

What could be the problem?

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

Hi @Buby81 - thanks for using Local!

To make sure I understand, your site works locally on your computer, but you experienced this issue after trying to take your site live with your hosting provider? What did you use to migrate your site and database?

If you share your Local logs, I can try taking a look at those as well. Here is a guide to doing so - Retrieving Local’s Log File - Local

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