Turn off live link password

Hi everyone,

I’ve installed the local version 6.0 and now to access the live link is request a user and password, I’m testing a external API. There is any way to turn-off the password to allow requests from external api?



This password is so annoying, I looked out and I didnt found any easy way to take off this password.

I gonna check if I can put ngrok back.

+1 I also need to test external APIs with callback URLs and webhooks.

Is there a way to either remove the password or run ngrok manually? I tried pointing it to the URL (both domain and localhost varieties) but no luck.

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I have downgrade local to workaround the issue, at https://localwp.com/releases/5.10.5


This should be a dev’s tool and when the password was added to the live link it made impossible to test external API’s. I rather have this tool with a limit on the number of requests than to have http authentication which limits a lot.

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Ditto, cannot test API’s or Webhooks from payment gateways like Stripe/Paypal etc.

Please add an option to disable the live links authorization.

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