Unable to Import Site - Local to Local


When I exported a site from Local and handed it off to a dev partner for importing, they got the following error.


I attempted to import it as well, and got the same error.

System Details:

  • Local Version: Local 5.0.7+1117
  • OS: macOS 10.15.1

Other notes:
I was able to modify a WPEngine backup zip and import it successfully, and import other Local backups from a previous version when I set up my new computer last week, so this seems specific to this version of Local.

Any info would be great! I’ve attached the recent logo as well. local-lightning.log (408.8 KB)

Hi @maljones,

It looks like the error there is referencing an issue specifically with importing the MySQL database file.

Sometimes plugins can create “duplicate key entries” which then makes re-importing the sql return an error.

You should be able to identify the culprit by unzipping the Local export, and opening the included MySQL file. According to the error, the duplicate entry is on line 4 of the file, so it should be right at the top.

Adjusting the MySQL file so that the duplicate entry is resolved, and then compressing the export again for automatic import should get things working!

Cheers Tyler, I’ll give it a shot early next week! I was able to use a zip from WPEngine (with all the same plugins) to get things imported in the mean time.