Updating custom addons?

Hi there!

We are actively looking at creating an internal only addon for our dev team to standardize some of our dev setup and tooling between sites. I’ve successfully created an addon in the past for myself, so I have gotten that far. I am just not sure on the best way to handle updates.

Right now, we are proposing keeping the addon in a Github repository and then triggering an Action script to compile and ZIP the addon for a “release”. Then we would just announce a new update is out and a link to the ZIP to download and re-upload in Local.

Is this the best way to handle this process? Or are there any hooks that we could use to prompt an update in Local itself?

Hi @calebsmithdev

Have you reviewed the documentation available here?

Hey there!

Yes, I skimmed through the documentation and didn’t see anything that specifically called out Updates. I didn’t look through the example addons for code references, but I assumed they handled the update process different anyway since they use the more official approach to installation.