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Upload to Host Other than Flywheel?

Hi, Local looks interesting, but before I dive in, is it locked to Flywheel hosting? Or can I build a site locally and upload it to some other hosting company? Any limitations or issues? I’ve heard good things about Flywheel, but I have a hosting contract elsewhere at the moment. Thanks!

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Couple of things to consider.

First, is your host running Apache version or nginx? That will determine your preferred setup when creating sites.

Locked in? No! Thank God! Although Flywheel is hip and all, many young people or young WordPress people are not ready to pay the big bucks. Especially if they are designing sites for many clients …

Ok. Enough opinionated blah.blah right … :slight_smile:

Hope this helps answer your question … no, no limitations, only in you need to be aware of your hostings companies server package in order to customize your Local site adequately …

Uploading the site you build with local is a whole other discussions!

Hope this helps.

@djwebdroid Yes, that helps, thank you very much for your quick reply! My Liquid Web Could VPS plan is running Apache. I’ll give Local a shot and check back if any uploading / migrating issues come up :wink:

There is no lock in at all. There are a convenient “connect to flywheel” tool for deployment, but other than that there isn’t anything “FlyWheel specific”.

Local is better than MAMP, XAMP, DesktopServer in terms of replicating your remote hosting environment. It’s second only to VVV in that regard really.

Personally, I use local with FlyWheel, Liquid Web MWP, GoDaddy MWP, DreamHost VPS, DreamPress, Digital Ocean, AWS, Kinsta, SiteGround and a bunch of other hosting… Including sites across various versions of PHP, MySQL, Apache and Nginx…

I’m looking to take a site from Local to GoDaddy I see a article in local community but I don’t see who wrote it. Can you direct me?