Url redirection issue

My homepage URL: paris-country-club.local redirects to the following address: https://www.pariscountryclub.com/
I don’t understand and I would like to resolve this problem…
My wordpress web address: http://paris-country-club.local
The web address of my site: http://paris-country-club.local

I don’t know what to do anymore and I sincerely need your help… A huge thank you to you

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Hi @yann09

You may need to try clearing the cache and cookies on your browser and then closing your active sessions to start with a clean slate.

How do I clear my browser’s cache?

You may also try utilizing a different browser (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer if you’re using Chrome for example) or an Incognito window to troubleshoot further.

The easiest way to open an Incognito window is with the keyboard shortcut combination Ctrl-Shift-N (Windows) or Command-Shift-N (macOS). Another way is to click on the menu on the upper right — it’s three vertical dots — and select New Incognito Window from the list.

As another test see if the site works normally on a phone or tablet that’s not connected to WiFi. If so, then your network is cached.

There are some different things to try and get around network caching. Restarting your device, restarting the network router/modem, using a VPN connection, or adding a cache-breaking path to the end of the site that’s cached. Adding /? followed by any 4 random characters (/?1234 for example) will sometimes break the cache as well.

Thank you nick for yout time and your help!
I think that the problem does not come from the cache but from something else… Instead of arriving on my home page that I designed with elementor pro, I automatically arrive on another website: https: //www.pariscountryclub.com/
instead of arriving at the URL of my home page: paris-country-club.local
This problem happened after I wanted to change these two addresses in my wordpress as pariscountryclub.com :

As you can see in the screenshot, I have restored the old local base URLs but my home page still redirects to https://www.pariscountryclub.com/

Do you have any plugins that retain cache or does your theme? Elementor for example has a Regenerate CSS option that might be influencing this as well.

That being said I would still do some troubleshooting and experimenting with the cache suggestions provided above as I think it could be a culprit.

I only have these plugins :

I tried your suggestions but I keep coming back to the wrong URL

You have no idea how much I need you…
Thank you really !

Do not hesitate to contact me on my personal e-mail if you want!
I’m waiting for your answer,

Thank you


Can you share more details around what troubleshooting steps you’ve tried so far?

Just a note that these forums are public so I’ve removed your personal contact details from your other comment.

Ah ok I didn’t quite understand your previous message!
Indeed, everything works correctly when I use my local site in private browsing!!
Thank you so much!
How do I fix this problem on my search engine (chrome) now?

Thanks againnnnnnn

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I would try flushing your cache and cookies in Chrome to get things working.

Here are some instructions for that:

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Thanks a lot Nick!!
You are amazinggggggggggg


everything works now!


Glad to hear it @yann09! Thank you for letting us know :green_heart:

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