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Using Local with Alfred.app

Hi, Everyone. I’m in the middle of adding Local.app to my Alfred automation process. All is going well. when I type “dev myProject” in to Alfred I have it firing up:

  • Project directory in VS Code
  • Project .git directory in Tower.app
  • Terminal command to run Gulp
  • Local.app
  • Chrome to the localhost URL

The cherry on top would be if I could run a command to fire up the project’s server in Local.

Does anyone know the docker command to start a specific project server? Like what is running when I hit the “Start Site” button in the top right of Local?


Hey @kcwoodfield, Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

This is cool and a great idea!

Older versions of Local (3.3.x and below) made use of Docker, but the more recent version (+5.x) doesn’t use Docker to manage the WordPress sites.

Right now there isn’t a way to remotely trigger events within Local, but this feature request would be a good place to upvote getting a Local CLI created: