Virtualbox & WPML Questions


Thank you for this amazing tool, however, I have some questions which are important for me.

  1. Virtualbox
    I do not like that VirtualBox app which installs in the core in my Mac. Why cannot you create app like other developers without any additional app. To be honest this decreases user trust.
  1. WPML translation plugin
    They provide an activation codes for their plugin. It can be used on real website or localhost. In this case I do not understand what the link should I add to activate the license.


Hi @termoplus,

  1. I totally understand! We’re looking into alternatives to VirtualBox for powering the Local VM. For now, VirtualBox is still the best solution and used by popular tools including Docker Machine (what Local uses) and Vagrant.

  2. I would contact WPML regarding this. Sometimes sites that end with .dev (the Local default) are whitelisted as development domains.

  1. Thanks.I hope you can find the native solutions
  2. Thanks. I hope you will find the solution

You need to reach out to WPML for #2.

Please let me know if you need help with anything else!

You told me that you contacted WPML in your first post :slight_smile: