What does "Update Environment" actually do?

Hey I just updated to the latest Local. Now all my sites have the “Environment Update Available” notice.

What does this actually do? And is it necessary? The sites still seem to run.

I did a search on this forum and saw some threads of problems doing an update. So, I was thinking I wouldn’t do it on my older sites if it wasn’t needed.


Same thoughts here, a bit worried I might break my older dev versions of sites! Could we get some more info on what gets updated please?

Tested a site without updating and it all seemed to be working fine atm.

I tested the upgrade on an unimportant old site and everything seemed to work. I think what is a little confusing is if you need to clone or not. I did not clone. Although I have “custom configs” on all my installs, I don’t think these qualify as a custom container so cloning is not necessary. Please correct me if I am wrong. The cloning part would add an extra step that people have talked about on this forum.

I want to know this too. I keep avoiding updating sites that are working fine as I don’t know why I need to update. If it works, don’t break it. Additionally, I setup a custom environment for a reason. What will updating it actually do?

Hi all, sorry for the confusion here!

First off, upgrading your site environments is not required. It’s simply recommended.

Generally speaking, Environment updates include updates to the Docker image, configs, or add new versions of PHP and/or MySQL.

In the case of Local 3.0.5 and newer, Custom 1.3.2 was included and it added PHP 7.3.2. It doesn’t include any other changes.