Where is site.conf


Where is it?

I have a custom install.

So in this thread, people are using various locations, don’t know if they are typos

Someone first mentions site/conf/nginx.

But I don’t have a site at the top level.

Then someone talks of a conf/nginx/site.conf

Now I do have a ‘conf’ in the top level… but that only has a php directory in it


Nothing in /etc/nginx/ but an empty directory /etc/nginx/wordpress/

The really annoying thing is, I know it’s there somewhere, since I’ve been in it before a while ago. I mentally noted at the time it was not standard, but stupidly didn’t ‘take note’…

Really would be a good idea to actually have some documentation, since, when I’m searching these threads, I never know if someone has made a typo or if they are talking of the same /path/to/file/ due to the discrepancies between their posts etc etc etccd …

Searched the entire system for “*.conf”

Not there… this is crazy, I just updated to High Sierra, and this is the latest in a long line of situations, deleted files, passwords etc across my whole system.

I have a duplicator backup, seems to me that it will take less time to restore than figure this out.

Hey Jeff,

Here’s what it looks like on macOS with a normal Custom install:

BTW, we’re actively working on documentation!

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Hey Clay,

Yeah, I gave up, I HighSierra has deleted all sorts of things from my system. I’ve just spent the day re-inputting email passwords into Airmail, and other settings across a variety of apps.

I just reinstalled the site from a duplicator backup I had from the other day.

Also, pardon my sharpness, I do love local as a dev environment, and I really look forward to the documentation.


Ah, bummer! Sorry to hear :frowning:

Let me know if I can help with anything else.

Per your screenshot, I am not seeing that same structure with my Local Sites directory on mac. I have all my sites listed within the Local Sites directory, and inside of them I have an app and logs directory - but not a conf folder. Has the location of the conf folder changed?

Also: I am on macOS High Sierra 10.13.2 and version 2.2.3 of Local.


You need to be running a Custom, not Preferred, environment for that folder to be present.

Ah interesting, I didn’t know there were different environments available in Local :open_mouth: I’ll look further into that, thank you for taking the time to help!

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