Windows, 2.0.4 version: Site install on D-drive leads to WP install error

what does this do?

Trying to install new site on D:\projects.

D: is a local, physical HDD.

When provisioning a new site from scratch, a red box announcing the WordPress failed to load. Digging a little deeper, there in no wp-config.php file set up and the database is now where to be found.

The install process works seamlessly when installing to my C:\Projects folder. C: is a space-constrained, locally install SSD housing all of my pre- 2.0.4 local sites.

I have gone through a re-install of LocalByFlywheel twice without any changes in the results.

btw…this process of the failed install leaves me with an entry on my site index in the Local UI that doesn’t seem to be able to be deleted. It has a red triangle and when selected the local exe crashes.

Hey CapWebWP, wondering if you ever got this resolved. I have a similar config, smaller C ssd, large D. Would love to have it install on D seamlessly.

Unfortunately not. Still hangs up when I try to set the install to D. A friend recommended I reinstall all the LBF components on C and then try to build a site on D but I haven’t had time to create backups of all the sites before doing a complete uninstall.

Still looking for a good solution.