WordFence won't run

Is there a reason for a plugin like WordFence to not run properly?

It installed fine. I can change and save settings. But it won’t scan. It ignores the button click.

I’ve tried it in and out of dev mode. I’ve restarted everything. I turned off the fast servers and tried.

I cloned the site to Desktop Server using UpDraftPlus and was able to scan the site.

I’m new to Local but not to WP. But I’m stuck.

Q1: Should WordFence scans work?
Q2: What other troubleshooting do you recommend?

Thanks for the help,


Hi Josh,

WordFence has a help doc on this: https://docs.wordfence.com/en/My_scans_aren't_starting._What_would_cause_that%3F

Also, if you can find the PHP error log it might have some clues.