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Working on a custom theme generator add-on for Local - Call for contributors

I maintain WP Rig. A modern WordPress theme development framework for people who develop their own custom themes. It’s a starter theme and a framework all in one. We decided to work on an add-on for Local. It’s in early stages, but we are desperately looking for devs that have experience building Local add-ons to coach us a bit in our efforts in building a custom theme generator add-on.

Any help is much appreciated. Go to wprig.io or github.com/wprig/wprig for more info on WP Rig.

Thank you.

Hey @robruiz – I noticed that I had an invitation from a while ago that seems to have expired. If you’d like me to take a closer look at things, can you add me to the project?

I added you. Thanks for looking into it. The project is working again locally. I have other issues though. I will create a new post for those.

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