XDebug does not work with "PHP 7.4.30" in Windows

Xdebug fails to connect to VS Code (or any other IDE) using PHP “7.4.30” in WIndows. After some troubleshooting, I found out that even after selecting PHP 7.4.30, LocalWP installs 7.4.3 (can be seen in the phpinfo page).

The xdebug installation wizard page shows this message when analyzing phpinfo:

PHP version 7.4.3 is not supported on Windows due to missing exported symbols in zlib, upgrade to at least 7.4.20.

I tried PHP 7.8 and that works, but I need 7.4.x for some projects.

How can I install the correct version of PHP?

Hi there, @dulfe! Welcome to the Local community. :wave:

At this time, Local does not allow you to install / utilize your own PHP version in that way.

That said, PHP 7.4.30 should work, so I will pass that information off to the Local engineering team to take a look.

Thank you for reporting this!