ZipArchive class missing from Local Beta 5.6.4 through 5.6.7

In Local Beta 5.6.7 I get the following error when I attempt to use the WP All Export Pro plugin:

I had used this plugin successfully several months ago and so it appeared that something had changed.

To figure out where the problem was, I set up a basic WordPress installation in the “Preferred” configuration, using only the WP Export Pro plugin. I then downloaded and installed successive updates of Local Beta. I discovered that the plugin works with versions of Local Beta from 5.3.2 up through 5.6.3. But from 5.6.4 onward, it fails with the error shown above.

My workaround is to drop back to Local 5.6.3 until the bug is corrected.

Hi Leonard,

Appreciate the heads-up!

It looks like this is related to PHP 7.4.1 package missing zlib extensions [macOS & Linux]. I posted a solution in the thread here: PHP 7.4.1 package missing zlib extensions [macOS & Linux].

As far as PHP 7.3.5 goes, we are planning on a stable release today to address it.

Thanks! That fixed it.

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