(1) Importing a .json filed failed, and (2) now I have no longer access to the site Local!

All links to media files when importing through the Divi Theme (.json) are broken. And now I have no longer access to the site Local! Mac OS Majave.

I downloaded the newest version “Local” yesterday, and setup WordPress with this domain “ranainteractive.local” rather than “localhost”. I then imported the main “home page” of my site from the server where its hosted using a .json file, exported from the Divi theme, which worked fine. I then made changes to this page and built several additional pages.

With Divi using MAMP, the live server where the actual site is hosted, or any server, any domain, all you have to do to move a page is to export it from Divi as a .json, install Divi anywhere you want, and import the page. The is no need to update addresses for any of the files you have used on the page, etc. I have never had a single broken link, moving pages from one site or domain to another. This is all done through Divi when you import a page, post, etc. This is how I moved the first page from my server to “Local” to begin with, and it worked perfectly.

However… when I went to move the finished page from “Local” back to my server, this failed completely. Not one link was unbroken, none of the graphics, backgrounds, images, etc. were found. Even though, importing the .json did, as usual, add all of these files to the media library.

I then downloaded a plugin to verify the broken links. Which only said there were no broken links to be found. Rather than relink everything on the page by hand, I went back to Local to see if I could make changes there? Thinking it might have something to do with HTTPS on my server.

In Local, I made the FATIL mistake of changing the Site Domain to “localhost”, which then broke everything I had in “Local”. I wasn’t even able to login into the WordPress admin page.

So I tried changing the Site Domain back to “ranainteractive.local”, and still NO access. Now I’m unable to access the admin for the site or any of the pages I built. Including the one page I download and tried to move.

All I get from Local is an error saying “There is a port conflict with this site’s domain.” and a button saying “Use Locahost”, which is of course what totally screwed me in the first place.

What can I do to get all of the pages and changes I made in “Local” back?

And if this is even possible, why did importing the .json to divi fail in the first place? If I DO get all the time and pages back. How can I import the to Divi on my server without breaking all of the graphics. By the way every single page I made in Local is a photo gallery full of nothing but media files.

This process works perfectly in MAMP… I have been doing this for years, which is the only reason I trusted “Local” in the first place.

local-lightning.log (47.1 KB)

error.log (2.1 MB)

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