404 - no associated route in Local

Several of us have had trouble in the last few days with sites getting 404’s. At least 2 of us replied to an earlier topic to try to keep the discussion from being duplicated, but we haven’t received any help. So - I’m starting a new topic to hopefully rectify that…

I installed Local and created a site on 10/22 which worked fine after fixing a hosts file issue. With no changes that I know of to Local, I created a second site later that day, and got the 404. I have deleted and recreated more than once as well as creating another site just in case. No luck.

I am running Windows 10 Pro, Local 5.0.6+976
Latest logs are attached
error.log (2.3 KB)
latest PID has 24704 in it
local-lightning.log (137.0 KB)

I’m sorry, but this is very frustrating