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404 Site Not Found with Local Lightning Public Beta

Hi, nice work with the Local improvements, I was affected by the Windows 10 issues and had to switch to MAMP, although I prefer working with Local.
I’ve installed the version 5.0.4 for Windows from this post Local Lightning Public Beta.
The problem that I have is that I’m getting this error when import or create a new site:

" 404 # Site Not Found
The site you requested does not have an associated route in Local.
If you continue to get this message after refreshing, try restarting the Local site.
If the error persists, check the Local Router Logs in Local by going to
Help » Reveal Local Router’s Logs."

If I check the Local Router Logs it’s blank.
I have changed the sites path.

Hi @kim-cb,

Thanks for giving the public beta a shot!

Can you please provide the local-lightning.log file? Here’s how: How do I retrieve Local's log file? (note, even though this article mentions local-by-flywheel.log—the steps are the same)

Hi Clay,

I’m very happy to learn that your new LOCAL Lightning will not be using virtualization. Previously, Local By Flywheel broke my main dev PC (Win 10) because it installed VirtualBox. I use VMware Workstation and had that installed on my dev PC. I did install your older LOCAL on another Win10 PC and had some success but found it inconsistent so eventually uninstalled it.

I like your vision for LOCAL and applaud the GUI and features of the older Local. I will try your new Local Lightning now that you’re not using virtualization. I expect that it won’t conflict with VMware Workstation, Hyper-V and other VM platforms.

I’ll monitor this post thread. Once I see a few successful Windows 10 installs, I’ll give it a shot.

I’m also a developer so can provide meaningful feedback and beta issue reports.

#1. So I can keep my dev PC clean and managed, I would like to understand what changes to my system will be made with your current Local v5.x installer please? (e.g. what database, container/docker, web server…).

#2. Also, since you’re not using virtualization, can I test Local v5 in a Windows10 VM (running on my VMware as a Guest OS)?


Imported some sites from Local Lightning to 5.0.4 and get the same 404 errors on some but not all imported sites.

Here’s my log:
local-lightning.log (207.9 KB)

I’m on Windows 7.

I figured out it was a problem with MAMP and Local, I reconfigured the MAMP ports an now is working.
Anyway here are the log if you want to check it.

local-lightning.log (79.9 KB)

Thanks for the follow-up, @kim-cb! Glad to hear you sorted it.

@Localghost, funny enough, I wonder if Local Lightning.app is conflicting with Local.app. I’d double-check that they aren’t running simultaneously. If they aren’t, a quick killall nginx in Terminal might help things if there is a lingering router process hanging around.

Lastly, if you’re on macOS High Sierra (or prior), you may need to run the following:

sudo launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.getflywheel.local.router.plist