502 Problems

Hi there.

This post is more about an extra solution for the 502 problems and maybe it´s worth to include it in the FAQ 502 post.

I´ve only tested this on a Win10 system - and here it seems to work very well. Do the following steps:

  • close Local WP
  • copy the ‘hosts’ file to the desktop. You find it here : c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc (this is necessary - because You can´t edit or better save it in it´s original place)
  • store a backup copy of it
  • open it with an editor - remove the 4 lines of the site You have problems with and save it
  • copy / overwrite it at it´s original place (c:\windows\system32…)
  • open Local WP
  • select the site and it should warn You to fix the hosts entry
  • do it and start the site

You should be :slight_smile: again!

Hope that helps and works at Your side as well.

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