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64-bit PHP in Local Lightning on Windows

Hi There,

Some plugins like All In One Wordpress Migration don’t work with PHP x86 when Exporting a site. I would like to know if you will implement the x64 PHP version.

My operating System is Windows 10.


Hi Roy,

Thanks so much for this feedback!

We have very firm plans of incorporating Docker Compose support into Local Lightning so you can easily mix in 64-bit Linux PHP running in Docker Desktop.

As far as 64-bit native PHP on Windows, we didn’t have any plans prior to this post but I can see it being a popular request. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply!

I would also like to echo that this is a necessary feature. I use WP Migration plugin for all my client sites, and came up against this problem today with uploading content to the WP install I created with Local. Required PHP 64 bit to get access to the client’s files, as that is how they were backed up.


How can I enable or make a change for me to use PHP 7 64bit? My backup is more than 2GB and I need to use 64bit version to export the backup on my local wordpress site.

Can someone help me on this? I’m using latest Local Lighthing Beta.


Having the same issue, is there is a way to run Local in php 64?

Hi there,

I downloaded the recent Local by flywheel and bought unlimited file size of All in One Wordpress plugin and installed it on the local website and also on my live website. Since my website size is about 7 gb after some good time that I used All in One import function from a file I got the following error : this site can’t be imported " your PHP is 32 bit upgrade to 64 bit and try import again" (something in this line).
I am using PHP 5.4 on my live website and reluctant to upgrade it now till i figure out some of the issues of upgrading my live website. That is why I what to test upgrading on my local website in order to prevent possible crashes of my live website because of upgrade.

can anybody help in this please.

I’m having this issue as well. Can’t seem to find any solution at all.
Would very much like to switch from MAMP, but with this being an issue I can’t do that.

Hi @behzadmo and @Davion1089,

That’s interesting that All in One WordPress Migration requires 64-bit in your specific case.

Local currently bundles 32-bit PHP for Windows to maintain compatibility with 32-bit Windows in addition to 64-bit.

We do have a new system currently being tested in Local Beta that will allow for downloading additional PHP versions. We will look into adding PHP 64-bit for Windows devices that can take advantage of it.

That would be fantastic!

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Were you able to figure this out? I am having the same thing happen with my site.

No, but they’re saying there is a system in Beta to let us switch PHPs.

TLDR; Tough luck for now.

Hi all,

Please vote on this in our new feature tracker here: https://localwp.canny.io/feature-requests/p/64-bit-php-binaries-for-windows