Question about 32 and 64bit versions on Windows

My laptop is 64bit, but why when I download the local wp the download is 32bit? It should be 64bit

Hey @muslih

Are you experiencing issues when using the 32-bit version of Local on the Windows machine? We do compile 64bit versions of PHP, but from what we’ve seen, the main Local app only needs to be compiled in 32bit.

No problem, but I’m just asking is there nothing 64bit?

Nope, no 64bit version of Local. The 32bit version of Local will download a 64bit version of PHP, but you don’t need to do anything, it happens in the background.


Like @ben.turner said, we ship 64-bit versions of PHP and MySQL which are the important pieces running the WordPress site. Additionally, 32-bits version of PHP and MariaDB are shipped with Local’s Windows builds.

Long story short, we do this to save on the download size and to make it so there’s only one Windows download for simplicity’s sake :smiley:

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Ok, thank you very much

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