Ability to change DB Prefix in Local

Ability to change DB Prefix in Local.

Do you mean to ability to set a DB prefix when the site is set up the first time (by Local)?

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that and the ability to change it in the GUI after the site has been created.

my workflow is this:

  1. create wordpress install in local (default local install)
  2. copy wp-content folder from live site to local site
  3. copy database from live to local
  4. change wp-config to use live site DB prefix

in step 3 when import the database only 1 in 5 cases would be wp_ prefix.


+1 for changing DB prefix in installation

I managed to change the table prefix on a fresh install by using this wp cli tool from github. GitHub - iandunn/wp-cli-rename-db-prefix: A WP-CLI command to rename WordPress' database prefix
I then saved it as a blueprint for future local WordPress sites

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Awesome @andyboat!

Welcome to the Local community, thank you for sharing what worked for you. :green_heart:


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