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Local creates database tables with “wp_” prefix. Flywheel creates random prefixes. I’m unable to use WP DB Migrate because the prefixes don’t match. Changing the prefix at Flywheel to match Local doesn’t actually “change” the prefix… it creates new empty tables, which requires a reinstall of WP. There’s no option to set or change prefix via Local, other than opening a database tool and manually changing the tables. It kind of defeats the purpose of the automated WP installs, if you have to reinstall (Flywheel) and/or manually change database prefixes (Local).

What’s the best way to approach all of this? Am I missing something? Is there a better way? Perhaps someone here has some tips to get Flywheel and Local working together seamlessly, with no database modifications?

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Hey @mustafa - thanks for trying Local!

Have you tried using Local Connect? Connect to Flywheel with Local - Local

This will make pushing and pull your site, including the database, much easier. I’d encourage you to try it out.

That said, WP Migrate should work just as well. We work closely with their teams (we both are part of WP Engine, same with Flywheel!) - I can ask them this question too. It should handle that DB prefix changing for you. What is your workflow like when you use WP Migrate to push from Local to Flywheel?