Access Denied! Site inaccessible!

Ok, new issue, 2nd issue so far, popped up this morning!
I tried to access my sites on local and I get an Access Denied error!

Screenshot below:

I tried closing and re-opening the Local app.
I tried stopping, and starting all, or even just one site and, still, same error.
Restarted mysql via ssh, same error…

I also loaded up a demo URL and it worked fine, but I obviously can’t edit via the demo url because I encounter the too many connections error, in like 30 seconds.

Kinda lost here. Please help!

just tried to create a brand new site too and got the same error!

Sorry for the trouble!

Are you using any type of proxy, VPN, or something along those lines?

Holy Smokes, I was, and turning it off totally fixed the problem.
I forgot I turned it on last night… thanks for the quick fix!

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