Error establishing database connection - lost work?

Hi there, I’ve been using Local for the past week or so rebranding a site that is currently hosted on Flywheel. All good for about the first week, then last week I couldn’t access it anymore. When I click Admin, I get the following database error:

When I click View Site, I see the following 502 error:

I’ve started and restarted numerous times with no change. Zipped logs file below. (1.2 MB)

I’ve been unable to work on this site for the past few days. Your help is greatly appreciated.

I have the latest update of MacOS.

Thank you for your help.


I am getting this message, too, on latest MacOS/Safari/Firefox browsers - but able to access after either browser refresh or ‘add exception’ for security license in Firefox -

Not sure if this helps, but - - Me Too! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, @tank13. I’m using Chrome. Can you elaborate on the ‘add exception’ thing you did with Firefox?
Thanks a bunch.

Are you on Windows or Mac OS and/or, do you have a split? AND, just FYI - still in process of setting up latest Firefox browser - - LOL - Flying by the seat of my pants, am I - LOL

Are you on Mac OS or Windows OS?

I’m on Mac OS

Sorry I haven’t been seeing these notifications coming through, @tank13

Did you get a resolution to this?
I’m experiencing the same issue.

Hi Shaina.
No, I didn’t. It was extremely frustrating. I ended up having to build from scratch using an online demo site. Definitely not “plug and play”. Not for the faint of heart. That was my first and last time using Local.
Sorry I can’t help more. Keep looking for assistance though. If you’re a bit more patient than me, you may have success. I’m not a developer, so running into these issues was extremely off-putting, despite being an experienced designer with lots of experience managing files/servers.

I posted a fix for a similar issue here
Hope it helps…