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Adding Bedrock to Local


I am new to Local, upon installation it works fine upon adding Bedrock workflow it does not. I have already read earlier posts in relation but it does not fix my problem
error.log (8.0 KB)

thanks all if you can help

I have been trying to setup local on windows10. On its own and by using Bedrock workflow, since last 10 days I haven’t been successful at all. I have read almost all post to solve my situation but it hasn’t. I also observed that upon initiating a site or a project it works fine on opening it on a second instance or another day it does not.
Is it that the free version is causing the problems and the paid isn’t. not sure.
I have posted some of the issues with screenshot to which i got no reply as well.
I have also tried to follow exact steps and setup Local with bedrock and without but it fails consistently

Hey Keki –

It’s hard to know exactly what’s breaking without seeing something like the Local log. Can you please provide your Local Log? See this Community Forum post for instructions on how to do so:

Off the top of my head, I know that Bedrock is set up in a way that might have issues within Local.

When you create a new, plain WordPress site and use the default settings (ie, don’t change the various structural pieces like where the wp-content folder is located) are things better?

One other thing to note is that there have been some performance improvements within the latest version (5.8.2) so it’s possible that this may fix some of the issues with processes lingering. Can you try stopping Local and installing the latest version:


Hi Ben
Thanks for getting back, I had uploaded logs and screenshot before i came to this conclusion but i never got any response or suggestions so i left. This is the link to that post hope it helps thanks again

Hey @Keki

Organizing the info in the forums is something I want to improve, but you might try searching the forums for topics tagged with bedrock to get a better idea of what’s out there:


This topic in particular looks promising:

Thanks, Why does Local want users to use Drive C: for their Local sites that seems very absurd as that drive on a windows machine has space restrictions and secondly if we need to reinstall or have any other system issues we are in trouble. So I am using my D: drive for my Local Sites, ass you can see in the screen shot. I have also provided the full path that D:/localsite/thematics/app/bedrock/web and i followed the instructions on this link https://roots.io/guides/local-bedrock-development-with-local-by-flywheel/. My directory structure is also visible in the screenshot.

By default local says to use https://thematics.local as wp_home but it never works so i go and make changes in the the preferences and set it to the local host path that is http://localhost:10005.

So Ben could you explain, exactly what am i doing wrong

thanks keki