Adding PHP 7.4 version to 3.x

Before you send 3.x off to the great beyond, is there any chance of adding 7.4 to it? Or is it possible to do it oneself?

We tried 5.x but the incompatibilities and missing extensions that can’t be easily added aren’t worth the improved speed. Also, developing and deploying on pretty different platforms (macOS vs Ubuntu) seems like a bad practice.

So before we go back to ansible/vagrant, was wondering if at least updating the PHP version in 3.x was possible.

Hi there!

We don’t have this in our roadmap. Which extensions or features are missing from 5.x that are holding back that upgrade?

Thanks for the quick reply.

We’ve run into a bunch of issues. For PHP 7.4, for example, the function imagecreatefromjpeg does not exist, even though php info shows GD installed. Which likely means it wasn’t compiled with jpeg, etc. On PHP 7.3, Image Magick isn’t installed. I think on both gzuncompress is not available either.

All these were remedied with apt-get on 3.x, but because 5.x isn’t a linux based VM anymore that’s not possible.

Our other issue is that we think it’s important to develop/test on a system that is as close as you can get to production. We use Local to debug and test our plugin on a variety of configs (, but that’s not longer a trustworthy endeavor so we’ve gone back to 3.x for now.

So we’re hoping to be able to get 7.4 on 3.x so we can continue using it.

I just want to note too, I know these are my problems and not yours. :wink:

Local did/does get shared a lot on the freemius slack amongst other plugin developers as a good testing/dev platform to use.