Install PHP 7.3


Is there any way to install PHP 7.3 ?

Hi Burhan,

Not yet, but it’ll be soon!

P.S. I moved this post into #feature-requests so others can vote it up :smiley:

Any eta on 7.3 in Local?

I mean, this isn’t really a feature request is it? It needs to happen, and pretty quickly I imagine?


Is PHP 7.3 not included in version 3.0.1? That’s a real bummer if it is not :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
It’s rather mandatory to develop.

Can we get an update on this please @clay Thank you


I can confirm, it’s not in v3.0.1. Disappointing.

@clay looking forward for 7.2.9 and 7.3.* in upcoming update of local, including new MySQL also :slight_smile:

It’s end of December, PHP version 7.3.0 is stable and we still have voting. Voting is frivolous. We should have version 7.3 since RC at least, if not since beta. Local turns out to be an inadequate tool for developers.

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3.0.3, still no 7.3. @clay, you have a funny definition of ‘Soon’ :wink:

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Local is a really great app, but it would be highly professional to give us a small update on this mandatory matter. How are developers supposed to keep up? Is there a way for us to install a PHP version manually?

I don’t really understand that this is a feature request … or is the feature request for “a way to install a PHP version ourself”


Agreed. PHP7.3 needs to be available ASAP and for future PHP releases should be included at the RC* stage.

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@clay would you be so kind to reply us with a status on this please? As a WordPress development tool I expect to have at least the latest minor PHP version available for testing.

Thank you

Feels like talking to a brick wall … 7 months ago @clay responded with: Not yet, but it’ll be soon!
So please, make it available through an update or instructions how we can update it ourself.

Almost every support question here is like talking to a brick wall. Only every once in a while (once a month? I think it’s even less than that) a ‘support person’ thinks: “oh right, let’s answer a few questions/bugs reported/difficulties encountered.” He answers 5 or 6 (usually with the standard: “send the log file” or anything else unhelpful), and that’s that. For the next month or so.

In short: support at LbF does not exist. Those people seem to fail to understand that this reflects badly on their core business: hosting.

Because of this, I wouldn’t trust my sites with Flywheel Hosting, even if threatened with a gun. NO WAY I would trust their hosting seeing their ‘support’ (or rather the lack of it) for LbF.

Let’s face it: LbF for Flywheel is a ‘tool’ to attract users to their hosting services (with the direct deployment links and all that). That’s fine. Nothing wrong with that. However, with this level of support (or, again, the lack of support) I doubt they’re successful at that.

Which begs the question: why?

I agree. When I discovered this tool, I was really impressed. My thinking was that when my hosting term with my current provider ended, I would definitely be looking at Flywheel. Developing on a local environment that smoothly integrated with my hosting sounds fantastic. But I’ve been seriously underwhelmed with the responsiveness on this issue.

@clay would you be so kind to reply us with a status on this please?

@clay’s not here, man.:relaxed::peace_symbol:

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Hey guys –

Thanks for your patience with this – I know how important it is to be able to use the latest tools.

We did try PHP7.3 build for our custom environments back when @clay mentioned it would be soon, but ran into some Segmentation Faults involving PHP7.3+opcache+xdebug which ended up failing the build process for those images.

In the meantime there’s also been a large push towards fixing bugs and paving the way for easier use of addons by the community.

All that is to say that it’s still on the radar, we just haven’t been able to release anything due to the bugs present in upstream PHP/xDebug/opcache.

– Ben


Apparently there’s a new version of xDebug that addresses something like this.


Thank you for the response Ben!