Admin Login problem for WP on the new site of FlyWheel

Please look at the attached word file.
Blank “WP Login” is displayed repeatedly even by inputting ID and Password,
and I can not step forward.

FlyWheel (547.9 KB)

Please advise me how to fix this problem.

I have the same problems. Just updated Local to new version and this bug happen

facing the same problem when inserting the correct username and password on the wp-admin it just don’t show any error nor it takes me to the dashboard.
but if I input incorrect username or password it shows the message about incorrect username or password

Hi @TommyM, @jtwings and @Bilal -

Have you all reviewed this forum thread yet?

It seems you are running into a similar bug that these users have - please review this topic for a workaround:



Thank you for your information!

It has been fixed.
Thanks a lot !


Thank you for yoiur information.

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