Admin page won't open

I installed localwp on my Windows 10 computer. I have set the router mode to “local host.” When I set up a new page, I can open the initial “Hello World” page in either Edge or Chrome. However, the Admin page will not open in either browser.
Chrome gives me a “Hmmmm” page with the message " localhost refused to connect." Edge gives me the same message.

In every instance (admin or site) the address bar gives my local address followed by a “cache-buster=****”.

If I put my site host number in the address, I get a page asking to sign into word press. It keeps telling me the email, user name, or password is wrong.

I had previously installed localwp and it worked fine the first time I ran it. I was able to add some plug ins, edit my home page a bit and see the changes. The next time I tried to open the local website, I got a blank page for the site and unable to connect to the Admin page. Sort of a “Once and Done” program.

It seems this is a recurring problem for localwp. Why has it not been fixed?

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