WP Admin won't open

Hi All, when I am clicking on WP Admin or Open site, none of them will open. I’ve restarted the computer, but it didn’t solve the problem. Local is up-to-date, I am using Windows 10 Home. It used to work fine in the past. Do you have any idea how to solve this issue?

If you look at the upper right corner of your image you’ll notice that you need to start the site :wink:

Well, unfortunately, even when the site is running, the buttons WP Admin and Open site are still not working. I click on them, but nothing is happening.

Hi there @Andrzej - thank you for bringing your question to the Local community! :wave:

Maybe something weird is going on with the default browser.

If you navigate to Local > Preferences > Appearance & behavior > Default apps is your Browser set to your desired settings?

Let me know!

:woman_technologist:t3: Sam

Hi Sam, thank you for your message. Your assumptions were totally correct. After I switched Browser from “Chrome” to “System default”, I was suddenly able to launch my site. Problem solved. Thank you and bravo!

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Hi @Andrzej - I’m so happy to hear that! :tada:

:woman_technologist:t3: Sam

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