After pushing site to live/production, images and text do not load on mobile

This has been an issue for some time, but it also doesn’t happen 100% of the time. So, sometimes when I push the site from Local to Live (including the database) the site loads just fine on Desktop, but none of the images or text content will load on mobile (not in a private browser window, not after clearing the cache etc.) It won’t load in Chrome, Safari or Firefox on my mobile device. Sometimes, after a push, if I log into the site, edit a page (make no edits) and just save, all of the content appears. Sometimes this fixes all pages, or, it only fixes that page on mobile. If it were just the images I’d assume I have a permalink issue, but the layout of the entire site is visible sans images and text.

Any ideas?


It’s loading all of the page html but it’s not loading the stylesheet, but only on mobile, for any page that I don’t do the “edit, update” step. The second I edit a page and then save it on Desktop, and then refresh it on mobile, that page suddenly works.

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