New Pro user - Live Link images not loading


I’m a new Local Pro user, and am using Live Links Pro to show of new builds to a client.

The sites load OK, but images don’t display. They’re not broken (page structure is fine) just don’t appear. The progress bar never completes loading, either.

Site #1 is using a standard theme (Moon) with no page builder.

Site #2 is using the Uncode theme with QPBakery as a page builder.

Most of the images were added to the local build in Local during development. All other elements such as fonts and CSS are loading fine.

Any ideas?

Many thanks!

Hi there!

We actually are working on fixing that bug currently - where the images don’t display. I can reply back when we have that fix out!

Also for a future note, since you are a Local Pro user feel free to go to the Support tab in Local and you will have the opportunity to get front of line support if you submit a ticket! Our awesome Support team will be able to assist with any questions or issues you may have.


Thank you for getting back, and noted about the ticket support!

Good in a way to hear the image display is a known bug (I’ve had the client already on the phone today with “the images aren’t showing!!”, which makes us look a little bad).

Do you have an ETA for the fix? How long has this been an issue for? Is there likely to be a fix this month?

Many thanks,


Hi there, we first became aware of the issue within the last week and expect to have the fix out in a beta release targeting next week. If you want to sign up to be apart of that beta group feel free to join here! Otherwise I can message you when this is out in a stable Local release (non-beta, production like).

In the meantime, this may be a workaround option:

HI I am having the same issue. Client can’t see live link images. Have you solved this yet?
Thanks. Also a Pro User.

I’m having this issue too for the past couple weeks – I’ve had a ticket with WP Engine that has gone nowhere. What’s the status of this bug?

Hi, why is background image not showing up when Live Link is activated?

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I have the same problem

Hey @hrr and @Cottage5 – I moved the topic to this existing topic related to images not showing over live links.

This is something that the Local dev team is working on and should be released to the beta version soon. The main hurdle is that Local needs to create a way of updating the Live Link url for links that are not being filtered through a WordPress filter. For background images that are being set in the CSS, this isn’t something that is being run through a WordPress filter, so there isn’t a quick and easy way of getting that value updated.

Hope that helps clarify things and be on the lookout for updates to Live Links soon!

I just signed up for Pro and the images aren’t loading for my live link either - has this issue been fixed or can I test the beta? It’s the whole reason I paid for Pro and it’s not working.

@ben.turner Forgot to tag you. Read above. Thanks!

Hey @jcm – The Local team is getting close to having a fix so keep an eye out for a new version of Local that should help with images not loading over a Live Link!

Has this been resolved or is there and ETA? I spent so much time today on this to finally find this thread. Thanks, love the product otherwise.

Came across this thread as I also have this issue. Has there been any news on this being resolved? It appears as if this has been going on since at least July.

I have the same issue.
Live link was also one of the main reasons why I became a pro user. Now I am surpriced that this feature doesn’t work, and that it have been a problem for so long time.
Any news in this matter?

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Crazy this hasn’t been resolved. Glad I came across this post was getting ready to become a pro member however I definitely won’t until this issue is resolved.

I had this problem this year (currently free user) but thought it was because I was using the free version.
Have been considering upgrading to a pro user, but decided against it until this issue has been resolved.

Just discovered that I have this problem, too. That is no images are displayed, none at all. Grumble. Actually wait, that’s not true. One image is displayed: it’s the image in a YouTube link. None of my images are displayed.

There was some work that was released in a previous version of Local, but due to the nature of this bug and the fact that different sites layout content in different ways, it’s possible that there are still edge cases here.

@rhondahz, @Jen – the fix that was released is only for Pro users. The free version of Live links relies on ngrok, which doesn’t give us much control over how URLs are rewritten.

@paulj @Vadsager @WEWilliams – are you all pro users and running the latest version of Local?

If you are and still have this problem, can you describe in a little more detail how the content is built and what images are missing?

For example, are you using a page builder to load arrange the images? If you view the browser’s console for a site that is being served over the live link – what errors do you see? If you can take a screenshot of the browser with those errors, it might help do zero in on what is preventing those images from being served.

Sorry, not a pro user.