After update, can't opzn my local site and can't create new


Since the update, my local site can’t open i have this message

and if i want to create new i have error container

Please help me, i have 7 site in dev…


Hi @Aurelie,

Can you provide the error that you’re seeing when you create a new site?

Also, can you try going to Help » Restart Local’s Machine in Local? Then, right-click on the site you were having trouble with and go to “Restart”.

I restart locale and site but same problem and for a new site i have this message


Hi @Aurelie,

Please see Won't allow me to create a new site

We’ll make sure this is fixed in the next update.

Yes but i don’t undestand how and where i do that


where i past this code?


You’ll want to paste those commands into

To open Terminal, go to the search icon in the top-right of your main screen and then type in Terminal enter press Enter.

I do and no changing. When i create new site i have to this message

Ok i do that



Try creating a new site now.

sorry first i do add code in the terminal and after i create new site and i have the message red and orange

ok i restart and it’s ok my website is open!!! thanks so much but if i close the window terminal with code, and if i open the window terminal the code add is erased is it normal?

Glad to hear!

That’s totally normal. What you did in Terminal was just run a few commands that performed some actions. You can leave Terminal closed now :slight_smile:

ok thanks so much for your help and patience you save my work!!!

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