All my sites disappeared

Hi, all my sites disappeared from Local. They were all training but one of them was ready to launch in a couple of days. Which means they are all unpublished.

Here’s what happened. I started Local as usual and there was this pop-up about the new version. So I clicked to update but had to abort it in the middle. So when I did that, the Local homepage loaded and it had no sites in there. Now it only says “Looks like you haven’t created any sites, yet!”.

My Operation System is Windows 10. I installed the new Local version after. And it still doesn’t show the sites. (34.3 KB)

Hello - did you figure this out at all? I had the same thing happen yesterday. I had built a site previously. When I opened Local, it prompted me to update to the newest version. When I reopened the program, it had the same welcome message saying I didn’t have any sites yet. !!! I have zero experience with building websites (other than this attempt). I don’t even understand where the Local site I built “lived”. I did have an actual Local account until just now to be able to log in and ask this question, so I thought I was literally working locally on my computer the whole time I built the site. Would this mean there is a “file” somewhere on my machine that maybe Local could open? Or was it somehow online or embedded in the Local program such that it’s truly gone now? Ack, this is very disappointing…

Hi, this might sound disappointing but I didn’t solve my issue. It turned out that my files didn’t save enough of what was needed to relieve them.
Your case might be different though, so I recommend checking this topic:

It has a lot of valuable info about this matter thanks to @austinwendt who is a really helpful person.
Sadly, except for him there is no other person that is taking care of our problems which actually made me lose my trust in Local. It seems like it is a not-so-secure software that doesn’t give you any support at all. You might lose your site in a blink of an eye and there is noone who can actually do something.

Good luck to you and I truly hope your case is not like mine :slight_smile:

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