Any update on Local 5?


i wonder if you have any update on Local 5 ? I really need that version!

I can’t map local IP for LAN acces on cloudflare with Local 3 and last BETA version was in october?!

Hi Frederic,

Local 5.2 is currently in the new Local Beta program and should be going stable in the coming weeks.

If you wish to get a sneak peek, you can download it here: (see Introducing Local Beta Group for details on how to join the Local Beta group).

Nice :smiley:

One thing you should consider in new feature is deactivate Xbug or hide notice/warning reporting directly on Local App. Not in SSH.

Or just use the constant WP_DEBUG to hide or show like normal website!

Take a look at, you can change these settings easily.

i will never use a plugin for that! lol cmon its a easy change in wp-config.php.

But in Local3 even if i set in wp-config, the error/notice/warning are displayed

Then just set define( 'WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', false)

In my Local v3

Even if i set this constant. I had error displayed.

I’m not clear on what you’re seeing as an error. Setting the above constant should enable NOT displaying those errors that are shown by WP_DEBUG. Or you could set WP_DEBUG to false.