Apache Servers not working

I’ve been using MAMP for years and thought I’d take a look at LOCAL. I installed it locally and everything seemed OK except one issue which you’ve kindly responded to. Then I thought I’d go back to MAMP and sort out all my development sites so that I can transfer them to LOCAL. Unfortunately MAMP Apache servers have decided not to start, even though they have been working fine prior to installing LOCAL. I had the Apache ports set up on 80 and MySQL on 3306. I switched them to the DEFAULT Apache 8888 and MySQL 8889 ports which gave me my index of sites, however when I selected one of my sites it gave me the ‘Site Not Found LOCAL 404 page’. Do you have any solution on what’s causing this?

Hi Bond,

It sounds like Apache from MAMP and Apache from Local might be conflicting over used ports. Could you try shutting your sites down and closing Local before starting the MAMP server?

Hi Jason

Thanks for your response.

I’ve restarted my machine, just had MAMP running and still the same issue? I cannot see my sites via MAMP!

Any suggestions I could try?


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