Backing Up Website and Database for Bluehost

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I have been trying to migrate my website from Local by Flywheel to Bluehost for the past week. Bluehost Support has told me that I have to back up my website and database. I exported my website and database from Local by Flywheel. It turns out that when I’ve been uploading these to Bluehost’s File Manager, Bluehost Support told me that they have no content on their end. I don’t understand how to back up the website and database and can’t get any clear answers on how to. I really don’t want to spend $150 for Bluehost to migrate the website for me.

My original plan was to use the All-in-One Migration plugin but Bluehost Support suggested that it’s not working. Again, I’ve been struggling with this for a while.
Please help!

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Hi @ADH2022

It’s tough for us to advise here since we aren’t intimately connected with Bluehost or All in One Migration.

When you export your site from Local into a zip file, if you unpack that on your desktop and inspect the files do you see content in there?

Why is Bluehost suggesting the plugin isn’t working? Are they giving you any specific errors?