Updraft plus and blue host

Hello sorry if this is elementary ignorant however, I cant upload any archives to local. I don’t understand why i cant upload my site backup to local? I use blue host and updraft plus for backups. my updraft plus plugin I get 5 files to download not one big one, however they are all individual zip files. do i zip the zip files? upload them separately? I keep getting errors. no matter what I do.
when i use blue host i dont get a full backup either i can only get three individual backup download files that are zipped. One that says website files, one that says Home Directory and one that says Mysql. However again, do i upload those archives individually or do i zip the zip files? I did both ways and am getting an error message or it perpetually says importing site and never does. i have watched it say importing site for 3 hours and its a small site.

I cant get this to work. :frowning: I’m dissapointed and frustrated that i have tried all day every which way i can. I think I give up sadly :frowning: