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New to Local. Where are the backups stored? Are there backups? What if my machine goes down? Can I move the installs and all of the folders into Dropbox to make sure I have them if something happens? Thanks

Hey @dannydlb

Local doesn’t do “official” backups for sites, however, it does store everything that is needed to re-create the site within the site folder.

There is one caveat to this – for performance reasons, the sql folder only includes the files from the Database once the site is stopped. While a site is running, the database is kept in memory.

Because of this, we usually recommend stopping sites that are not being actively worked on so that the db can be written to the sql folder.

I’ll also right click on a site and select “export” after a good milestone is reached. This creates a zip file that is easy to backup as well as restore by dragging and dropping it onto Local.

Finally, to your question about using Dropbox – I think a number of people have their site folders in Dropbox, which then can sync the files as well as the sql folder. As long as you keep that bit of info in your mind about stopping a site that isn’t being actively worked on, you should have pretty up-to-date backups of your local sites.

– Ben

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