Local Development Backup (using Google Drive)


I’m just about to give Local a try, but I’m wondering about backing up my work.

We use Google Drive to back up a lot of our non-development files, and I would like to do something similar for my local sites. For example, if my computer died during development and there wasn’t a live version to pull back down.

I don’t wish to sync across computers, just know that as I’m working I’m getting a regular automatic backup that I can restore in a worst case scenario. Ideally this would include database, but I’m aware it may just be easier to do a manual dump every so often after I make major changes.

Does anyone use Google Drive / Dropbox like this with their Local setup? Any tips!?


Hi Joe,

Scott K Clark did a great writeup of how to do this with Dropbox (same idea applies with any other cloud provider) here: Using Dropbox to sync Local sites between computers

Hi Clay, thanks for your reply. The thread you linked to gave me a good start and some confidence my setup would work. My process is simpler, as I don’t have to sync between computers, this purely for automatic off-site backup.

I started from a clean Windows install and loaded on Google Drive and Local.

All I have done is change the path when setting up my site to a folder inside my Google Drive. Everything installed fine and and Google Drive has synced my files!

I will make use of a plugin to dump my database manually into a synced folder when I make big changes in WordPress.

Liking the app so far, thanks!

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Rock on, glad to hear!