BEWARE: Do NOT use "Freedom" app - it corrupted all my WP sites

Dear community,

I just want to advise you all to stay away from the Freedom app, at least on Windows and in its present iteration. This is a premium app that I purchased a few years ago - never had any “noticeable” issues with it but I recently discovered that all my sites being developed on Local got corrupted during the last updates I did to their themes, plugins, and core wp files.

It took a long time to figure out what had caused this - and thankfully I have two windows 10 computers I was able to troubleshoot with. I was able to recreate the issue AND the fix. The culprit was the “Freedom” app. Not sure what their developers did but as this is an app that “blocks” certain things it may not be surprising. Disabling it also fixed issues I was having in the last 2 weeks, such as super slow Gmail, and images taking 10 seconds to load on Facebook and Instagram.

I’ve decided to pull the plug on this app permanently. Nothing their support team can tell me that will make me trust them again. I also do alot of music studio stuff and it’s not ideal to have more things running in the background.

Thankfully, @afragen was kind enough to assist me in cleaning up the disaster.

Thanks for the feedback @metrosuperstar, I’m glad you were able to track down a solution for this issue!

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