Browser doesnt link wordpress

After setting Flywheel, and hitting view site, I get browser couldn’t find site

Hey Charles,

Did you install the website directly from the Local interface or it came from a different source?
Sometimes the website can take a little time to fully start, so you can wait a few minutes to see if the site appears when refreshing the page.

Also, what are your environment configurations?

Local asks for escalated privileges when making changes and creating websites, did you see that message, and accepted it?

I install directly from web site, the error is I can’t reach this page. Has to do with path to the browser.

Oh sorry, this has to do with Flywheel ):
I was talking about Local.

I’m not able to help you with Flywheel since I never used it, but this can be an issue with your domain/DNS.

When I created a domain using the flywheel, and any time I click on the view website, it doesn’t show the website. Instead a see a 404 error page

And we all know that 404 errors means that the path is not set correctly. So is there something that I am doing wrong?

Did you point your domain to Flywheel?

There is a doc with the procedure (Godaddy domain as an example, but there are docs for various services): Flywheel | Point GoDaddy DNS to Flywheel

To find the same procedure for other domain providers: Flywheel | Search Results domain


Please see for all Flywheel-related support inquiries. There is a link to open a ticket a the bottom of the page :slight_smile:

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