Enable to create my website by Local

Hi, when I try to create my site by the local, it sends me a message by web saying that it can’t reach the page. I made the download by the https://localbyflywheel.com/ and followed every steps. In the end of the stpes for the download, it explains in how I can start creating the website, by going to some “Admin” button, and it’s there where I have the error. Can anyone explain to me what can I do?

Hey @Franciscasilva, Welcome to the Community Forums!

The error showing in the file browser makes me think that there’s something going on with the Hosts file.

It looks like the browser being used is Microsoft’s Edge browser, which has a bug when trying to view sites that are managed by VirtualBox: [Windows] Why can't I access my site in Edge?

Can you try opening that same url in a different browser, for example Firefox or Chrome?

Thanks! Now I put Chrome as my Bowser but still there’s some kind of problem… I don’t know how but I managed to open the link you sent me ( * http://travel-letters.local/wp-admin) but just worked one time (if it’s me opening it by the “ADMIN BUTTON” I stll can’t do it). But, when I managed to opened it by your link, it showed me a message of Wordpress to put my e-mail and password, ad it idn’t accept my e-mail at all! My using my own e-mail from Gmail, and it was also the same I used for FlyWheel.

What more should I do?

Hey @Franciscasilva

It looks like something is redirecting to a different site.

Looking close at the screenshot, the domain that’s being used is ricerca.wind.it.

There could be lots of reasons that a redirect is happening, but the most likely reason is some sort of plugin or theme setting is redirecting to the original site.