Browsersync HTTPS Compatibility

This feature request is related to Browsersync for HTTPS, so see full details there.

Essentially, Browsersync hangs when used with HTTPS in Local, e.g.

npx browser-sync start --proxy https://playground.local

will never resolve due to its use of https (http works fine). Editing the /private/etc/hosts file to eliminate the ::1 entry:

## Local - Start ##
# ::1 playground.local #Local Site (works if commented out) playground.local #Local Site
::1 www.playground.local #Local Site www.playground.local #Local Site
## Local - End ##

resolves the issue, but any time you start, restart, or add a new site to Local, all comments get reset, and you have to reimplement them in /private/etc/hosts manually again to use Browsersync with HTTPS.


  1. If it doesn’t cause other issues to not add the ::1 entry to begin with, that would solve the issue.
  2. If it’s possible to have the hosts file update routine preserve manually-commented-out URLs rather than rewriting everything from scratch each time, that could be helpful (though it’s still a hassle to get in there and add it once per site).

I’m not a virtual server expert (just a simple front-end developer :nerd_face:), so there may be other options as well.