Bug Multisite local 5.3.1

Was excited about Local 5.3.1 and that multisite was to be more supported now. Unfortunately our multisite on Flywheel didn’t work in Local.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Download backup from our multisite on Flywheel
  2. Drag backup-zip to Local (5.3.1+3095)
  3. Expect it to work and to set the flag Multisite: true, but instead Multisite: No and the site doesn’t work.

Hey @tsharp

Sorry for the confusion on this. The release notes indicate that

Importing Local Exports that contain a WordPress multisite now correctly sets the multisite setting in Local

This only relates to multisites that are exported from Local can be imported correctly back into Local. There’s still a bunch of effort that’s needed to get Local to a place where multisites can be pushed and pulled to the remote host.

If this feature is important to you, I would recommend upvoting it from the Feature Requests board located here:

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