Can I install Local WP on my Android Touch Screen Totam?

Can I install Local WP on my Android Touch Screen Totam? I have built the website on a local WP platform on my Mac and we want to run it on the totem locally at events but dont want to rely on an internet connection. So ideally wanted to install Local WP on the android based totam screen.

Thanks for building your site with Local, @mediavita. Installing a WordPress site on an Android kiosk is a really interesting use-case!

Local will not run on Android, but there are a couple of options you could explore:

1. Consider serving your WP site as a static site

  • Generate a static version of your site from Local, perhaps using the Simply Static WordPress plugin.
  • Then, use an HTTP server app on your Android device to serve the static files.

2. Try setting up your Android device to run everything WordPress needs

This process seems much more technical, but there are others who have documented ways to run WordPress on Android:

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Hi there @mediavita -

Let us know if you need any more help here or if @nickc’s suggestions are what you were looking for!

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