Can only access root domain, no internal pages

Hey guys,

I’ve got a WordPress installation set up. I can access the WP dashboard and the homepage of the site in question, but no other pages. Any idea why?


Hi @mfrost

Are there any errors that are being shown when you try to go to another page?

What plugins / theme do you have installed and active? If you are able to create a new blank site and access all the pages, then it is likely an issue with the individual code on the site in question.

One other thing, what you are describing sounds like it could be an issue with the WordPress permalinks. If you navigate in the WordPress admin to “Settings > Permalinks” what structure is selected?

Here’s what I have set on a new, blank WordPress install:

Let me know what you find!

– Ben

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Ok that’s embarrassing, I re-saved the permalinks and you’re quite right, that was the issue. All pages present and correct now!

Thanks for your help!


@mfrost – not embarrassing at all! I’ve wasted many an hour banging my head on permalink issues – I’m glad you figured it out!

– Ben