Can You add Progress bar into Local?

Hi, Is it posible to add progress bar into donwloading/pushing/pulling any project into Local?

It would be very useful thing… At least approximately know when the project will be uploaded to the server or downloaded from the server. Thanks

Hi @BlackStar1991 - After the initial screenshot you sent, there is a progress bar that shows up. The process sort of alternates between the two. Is your request to have something larger, a different color, etc or what is it exactly you’d like to see change?

Hmmm, In Windows 10 I see nothing. It’s my first instaling of this project on a 4.3Gb And I see only Name of current downloading file and this Monosnap

Hi @BlackStar1991

I never even noticed this before but the status bars perform differently between Flywheel and WP Engine. I shared your feedback with our Product team and they are discussing the next steps for improvements. For now, I’ve changed your post to a Feature Request so other users can vote, follow or comment. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for your response. I hope that the Product team will be able to resolve this issue.


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