Progress indicator for downloads and installs

I was prompted to install an update this morning so said yes to downloading the files.

So it’s been almost 30 minutes now and I still have the ‘Downloading Update - Hang tight, we’ll let you know when we’re all done’ screen.

I have no way of knowing whether the update is stuck or my internet is just ridiculously slow.

It would be great if there some more useful information like a progress bar so I can better assess what’s going on.

When I try to restart the app I get told that doing so whilst in the middle of updating might damage my files. What’s the best approach here? Surely the download can’t be that massive that it’s still downloading after 30 minutes?

If so, perhaps an estimated download time with the update prompt would be helpful.


Hi, did you find a solution for this? I’m in the same situation now. Been 30 minutes already…

Hi there, I think I just downloaded the app again and reinstalled. It’s 400+MB from memory so it will take a while to download. But at least if you download from the website you can see the progress!

Local 2.0 and newer has a new auto-updater with progress information.

If you’re on something older than 2.0 and having trouble updating, I recommend updating manually by downloading from the website like @TraceySin.

If you’re updating on macOS, swap out Local by If you’re updating on Windows, simply run the downloaded installer to update.